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4 Tips for Rodent Control in Chicago


No matter where you are in the US, you’ve probably encountered one type of rodent at some point. Rodents are pretty big nuisances whether they find their way into your home, attic, or even in your car. That’s why you need to know what measures to take when you come across one of them, especially if you’re in Chicago.

Knowing the best way to deal with a rat problem in Chicago is a must, as the Windy City is known for having lots of vermin. Thankfully, local rodent control methods will help you get rid of rats without needing any rodent control services (most of the time).

So, today, we’ll learn everything about rodent control in Chicago, as well as look at the different types of rodents in the city. Plus, we’ll give you a few tips to ensure your house stays rodent-free!

What Types Of Rodents Are In Chicago

While there are several different types of rodents in the US, like rats and raccoons, Chicago doesn’t have a significant variety. But, despite being home to few rodent species, the same can’t be said for their numbers, as there are plenty of them running around.

  • House Mice: Being the most harmless of the bunch, house mice are usually not considered dangerous. But, since they are rodents, they can carry some deadly diseases, as well as chew out moist of your attic insulation before you catch a glimpse of them.
  • Norway Rats: The most famous of all rodents, the Norway rat, or brown rat, is the most common rodent you’ll find in Chicago. These are bigger than house mice and certainly more fierce when it comes to people.
  • Meadow Voles: Few rodents are as destructive to your yard as Meadow voles. These look like a mix between a hamster and a mouse, and they’ll ravage your garden if you don’t get rid of them urgently.

Local Rodent Control – Tips to Solve Your Rat Problem in Chicago

Now that you know what types of rodents you’ll have to face, it’s time to find out how you can get rid of them, as well as how you can make your house as unattractive to them as possible.

1. Seal All Entry Points

If you have any small holes right next to your garage door or in your roof, rodents will find their way inside your house. That’s precisely why you’ll have to seal up all the entry points that rats and mice can use to infiltrate your home.

To do so, you’ll need some caulking and some steel wool, which is a DIY way to fill up any holes in your house. Once you’ve sealed all the potential entry points, you’ll need to ensure that no rodents will even want to get inside your house.

2. Store Away All Your Food

When rodent season rolls around, all rats and mice want is food and shelter. This helps them survive and reproduce at rapid rates. So, one way to keep them away is by not having any food available for them.

Now, we obviously don’t encourage you to throw your food away. But, never leave any food scraps outside; this also includes pet food and bird feeders, which are known for being some of their main food sources.

3. Keep Your House Clean

A clean house is the most unattractive thing to a rodent. Considering how messy their nests are, it’s no wonder that mice and rats hate when there’s no clutter around. You can use that to your advantage by ensuring that your house is always clean.

Of course, you don’t have to clean up every single day, but you’ll need to always keep the dishes clean and never leave any garbage bags lying around.

4. Keep Your Yard Tidy

If you make sure that your house is tidy, why not do the same for your yard? After all, rodents will first be attracted to your backyard before getting inside your house. So, keep your garbage bin closed and secured, and always tidy up your lawn.

Rodent Control Services in Chicago, Done the Green Way

Knowing effective rodent control in Chicago can help you keep your house rodent-free. In turn, you’ll be safe from all the diseases rodents might carry, as well as prevent them from doing any structural damage to your home. Still, if you ever deal with the occasional rodent infestation in Chicago, give us a call!

At Green Rodent Restoration, we pride ourselves in getting rid of rodents humanely and ensuring that your house stays rodent-free. Contact us now for a free estimate!

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