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5 Easy Steps to Clean Out Your Backyard


Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Sometimes, it can get ahead of you! The process can seem daunting, especially if you’ve moved into a new house or taken a break from yard care during winter.

In the best-case scenario, you’ll do at least a bit of yard maintenance on a weekly or monthly basis. But if it’s been a long time and you find yourself overwhelmed, this post is for you!

We’ll break down the yard clean-up into 5 easy steps, so you don’t have to think too hard about how to get started. This post is all about setting you up with an action plan, so you can enjoy it all year long.

1. Have an Action Plan for Waste

Before you start the yard cleaning process, make things easier for yourself by designating spaces for waste. Take into account your town’s garbage pickup schedules and what is better taken to the local dump.

Consider whether you’d like to start your own compost pile, and what the local guidelines are for eliminating organic waste. If you’re keen to save money while boosting the health of your lawn or garden, you can plan to save grass clippings for mulching.

Keep in mind that any large piles of waste (especially organic waste) can seem like a great hiding spot for rodents. That means you shouldn’t leave anything lying around for too long. Planning ahead will help prevent any headaches!

2. Survey Your Tools

Next, make sure you actually have all of the equipment you need to clean up your yard. Take into account what kind of clean-up you plan to do (you may need to finish reading this post for that). Then, consider what you’ll need.

It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll need a hearty pair of garden gloves. Beyond that, you’ll probably also need a lawnmower, wheelbarrow, shovel, rake, gardening shears, and lawn trimmer.

3. Start With the Big Things

Now that you know how you’ll dispose of the various debris from around your yard, it’s time to start cleaning! We recommend you start by dealing with bigger unwanted debris. That includes branches that may have fallen during harsh weather, animal waste, and any large equipment you’ve left lying around.

Additionally, if you have any trees in your backyard, take this chance to deal with overhanging branches. This is the best time to cut down anything that could damage your roof or help rodents climb into your attic. Finally, look at your structures like the deck or fences, and consider whether they need any repairs.

3. Rake, Trim, Weed, and Mow

Now you’re finally ready to get started with the real work:

  • Raking leaves
  • Pulling up weeds
  • Aerating soil
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Trimming long grasses, hedges, and bushes.

Perhaps each one of these should be its own step, but every yard is different. Your yard may need more raking in the autumn. In spring, you may want to focus on weeding, instead.

If your backyard doesn’t have grass (which is a very eco-friendly option!), you won’t need to mow it at all.

4. Don’t Forget Your Storage

As any professional will tell you, the key to tidying up, whether it’s your home or garden, is knowing that every object has a place. Once you finish basic maintenance in your backyard, pack away all tools and equipment. The ideal place to store them would be a shed or garage, of course, but if you don’t have such space you might need to get creative.

5. Think Ahead to the Future of Your Yard

Once you finish your big yard clean-up project, think ahead to the future! What kind of weekly maintenance will your yard need? What big issues may crop with the next seasonal change? What equipment are you missing?

Set yourself up for success by anticipating how seasonal changes will impact your backyard. Instead of having to do another big clean-up in four months, break things down into more manageable projects. You can do those when you have a free hour here or there.

This way, you’ll be able to keep enjoying your yard for the years to come! Here’s to the health of your backyard.

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