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5 Tips for Safer Rodent Control


Updated: Dec 28, 2022

It’s a fact of life the humans have to share the world with animals. Hence, household pests will be an issue in your house at a certain point. Of course, you’d like to eliminate these pests as fast as possible. The olden solution was to use tons of harsh chemicals for rodent control. However, modern people are now concern about the toxicity levels of chemicals and their effect on the environment. Since no one wants to get ill from these toxins, gentler solutions and safer pest control must be implemented. Consider the following safe solutions that don’t put your health in jeopardy:

Prevention is the Key

Rodent control will never be an issue if you prevent them from invading your house from the start. It would be prudent to check the abode from cracks and holes. They could be anywhere from your walls, doors, screens, windows, or even the foundation. As long as there is an entryway, these pesky critters will enter your house, especially when the weather outside is frightful. Moreover, you need to get rid of junk as they thrive in it for their shelter. Dispose of your garbage properly. Most of all, store food in sealed containers, so they have nothing to feast on.

Try Natural First

Should you find pests, in your home, try natural solutions first. If you have a mouse loitering around, use an old-school trap with a food bait. Poison, as your form of rodent control, should be the last resort to prevent health complications. If you suddenly find bugs and other insects, try citronella, mint, or neem oil to keep them off your property.

Small Applications

Why treat the whole house when you can spot-treat problematic areas? However, this solution may not be possible for severe infestations. That being said, treating small segments should be your first response. To illustrate, if you see ants congregating in one cabinet, try an ant bait and other natural ant-killers. Don’t spray that whole kitchen with insecticide just yet as you may contaminate the food.

Specific Applications

People tend to grab a generic chemical spray when they want to do insect and rodent control. However, you must be very careful as some organic solutions have very specific applications. Firstly, make sure that it is safe to use indoors. Secondly, find out if the treatment can indeed manage your problem. Lastly, read the directions and don’t miss out on any details. This assures you can use the product properly. If all else fails, you can call a professional to treat the problem.

Open Windows

Whether you intend to use store-bought or all-natural bug and rodent control solutions, make it a point to open a window for proper ventilation. You need airflow to ensure you don’t inhale harmful substances. Even if the scent is gone, particulate matter invisible to the naked eye lingers. It can cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues. It would be best to protect yourself by wearing a mask, gloves, and wearing old clothes which you can dispose of after treatment.

Final Word

If all else fails, getting expert help from a reputable company assures the most effective, swift, efficient, and safest solution. Speak with an insect and rodent control company representative to find out if they offer natural-based treatments. Through careful selection, you can find a good company that will help identify the root of your problem and provide a safe remedy.

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