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8 Reasons DIY Rodent Control Can Be a Bad Idea


Many homeowners love to take the DIY way when it comes to many home improvement projects. We know that many of you will try to fix any home-related issues that come up, from your attic insulation to a rodent infestation, on your own. But this isn’t necessarily the best idea. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that DIY rodent control is a very bad idea.

To be fair, minor DIY solutions, like setting a trap, are actually a great idea. However, when more and more rodents start appearing, and you notice signs of an infestation, putting your rodent control boots on is a bad idea.

So, today, we’ll see just why you shouldn’t take matters into your own hands and, instead, call up a reputable contractor who’s offering rodent control near you.

Why Is DIY Rodent Control a Bad Idea

DIY rodent control comes with many dangers. Plus, there’s a reason why so many professionals, like ourselves, offer rodent removal services near you. It’s not an easy thing to do, let alone do it effectively.

That said, let’s take a look at 8 reasons why you shouldn’t do rodent control on your own.

1. You’ll Only Solve Part Of The Problem

We imagine that you’re currently dealing with recurring rodent “appearances”. See, if you keep seeing rats running around your kitchen, a simple rat trap won’t be effective in dealing with them. In fact, getting rid of rats will require much more intuitive methods than simply setting a spring-loaded trap with a piece of cheese on top.

Many homeowners have told us they’d opt for pesticides, deeming them more effective than traps. The issue remains the same, as some rats will still survive. On top of that, rodents, like rats and mice, are pretty intelligent creatures, so they’ll actively avoid areas where they can sense the same poison.

2. The Infestation Might Be Larger Than You Expect

Bouncing off what we mentioned above, catching one or two mice doesn’t entail that you’ve dealt with the entire infestation. These couple of brave rodents might have left a nest of dozens in your attic or in your walls.

If you go the DIY way, you won’t be able to easily locate the rodents’ new vacation home within your house. Instead, you’ll catch them individually, ultimately costing you more than consulting a rodent control company near you. Plus, these little critters reproduce at very high rates, meaning that a small infestation can lead to a huge one if it’s not dealt with early enough.

3. Handling Pesticides Is Dangerous

We generally suggest you not use pesticides whenever you deal with any kind of infestation. There are specific smells that all rodents hate, like eucalyptus and peppermint oil, which are non-toxic (and, frankly, smell amazing). These will deter mice and rats from coming inside your house in the first place.

4. You Expose Yourself To a Lot Of Rodent-Related Dangers

Every rodent control professional will visit your house in a hazmat suit with several pieces of equipment. This can give you an idea of how dangerous rodents can be.

Not only do they carry some deadly diseases, but they contaminate entire areas with their excrement. So, even if you don’t come into contact with one of them, you can get sick if you’re around an area they’ve passed through.

5. You Put Your Family and Pets in Danger

If you decide to deal with an infestation on your own, you’ll be putting your whole family at risk. This is primarily the case if you use pesticides, especially if you have pets or young children in your house. Pesticide poisonings are very common in the US, which is why you should get a professional to do the job.

6. DIY Rodent Control Is Not A Long-Term Solution

Look, we get it. Many of you might have dealt with numerous infestations before and quite successfully. The issue is that every rodent is different, and the size of an infestation will vary from time to time.

For example, dealing with rats is much different from getting rid of squirrels. And, while they’re not technically rodents, raccoons and opossums need entirely different removal methods. So, DIY rodent control is far from a long-term solution.

7. Professional Rodent Control Services Rodentproof Your House

Besides clearing up an infestation, most rodent control service providers will also rodentproof your house for a few years. This is achieved by locating and sealing potential entry points and discussing rodent prevention methods with each homeowner.

8. DIY Rodent Control Is Ultimately More Expensive

It’s actually true! Consider this. When you spend so much time researching and purchasing different pesticides to see which one ends up working, it racks up to a pretty hefty amount of money. When you let the professionals do the job, you’ll pay that same (or a lower) amount upfront, but you won’t need to spend a minute of your time, and your house will be rodent-free.

Contact Rodent Removal Services Near You

Rodent infestations are something that most homeowners will deal with at some point. There’s no doubt about that. But don’t take the DIY way and put yourself at risk. Instead, put that time into preventing rodents from coming to your house in the first place by keeping it nice and clean. Let the pros handle the infestation. And, if you’re in SoCal, let us address all your rodent-related issues.

At Green Rodent Restoration, we ensure our customers have a rodent-free house, the green way. Plus, we strive to rodentproof your home for the years to come. Contact us now for a free estimate!

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