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Attic Insulation in Winter: Why is it Important?


Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Many homeowners believe attic insulation keeps your home cool during the summer season. On the contrary, it helps in keeping houses warmer and cooler. Therefore, it’s essential to insulate the house in winter. Insulating attics will make you comfortable especially during wintertime. This is something that you should bear in mind.

How Does it Work?

Attic insulation prevents the transfer of heat. It easily drifts in closed places that have a cooler temperature. In other words, heat moves outside during the cold winter months. The opposite happens in summer. The heat from outside wants to come inside the house through different areas of your home. Insulation stops heat flow by locking in the air in small pockets within the material’s fibers.

Attics are among the main reason for energy loss in residences. Heat rises and seeps from the house if the attic has not been properly insulated. You should use thermal like cellulose or fiberglass instead of foil material. Fiberglass has an R-Value (insulating value of between 3.0 and 4.0. It is designed to fit between beams. Said material also covers joints adequately.

Insufficient attic insulation can overload your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. This poses a grave risk. An overloaded HVAC exceeds the rated load for circuit wiring. This, in turn, causes the tripping of the circuit breaker. It shuts off electricity going to the whole circuit. Without a breaker, an overload causes the wiring to overheat. Eventually, too much heat melts the insulation and results in a fire.

Tips from Experts

Electricians and contractors have a piece of advice for homeowners. For the best outcomes in attic insulation, consider the following points:

  • Get rid of your old insulation. It usually gets damaged after some time because of old age, rodents, and models. Hire professionals to install the new insulation.
  • Ask for a home energy assessment or audit. This process will help you detect other areas that require insulation. It guides a homeowner towards maximum energy efficiency.
  • Aside from insulating the attic, sealing prevents air leaks that weaken the insulation’s performance. Air sealed and insulated attics (and homes) makes an abode more energy-efficient.

Maximize Energy Savings

By insulating your attic in winter or summer, you save more than $600 yearly. You feel warmer and look forward to lower electricity bills. You need attic insulation immediately if you can see the bottom or floor of your loft. Use the correct material for the best results. Some people make the mistake of buying the cheapest type of insulation by combining different materials. Likewise, spend enough time to research your alternatives. This approach helps you get the most out of energy savings.

Small Investment Spells the Difference

A minimal investment in insulating your attic won’t hurt your budget. In fact, this will improve the bottom line. Insulation is comparatively inexpensive considering that the entire energy cost goes to heating and airconditioning units. Besides, insulation remains a big factor in making you comfortable during the winter months.

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