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DIY Attic Cleaning: When should you hire a professional cleaning team?


Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Attic cleaning is an important task for your house. See it any homes and you will find that in most homes people use the attic as a place for storage of old household items.

It is important to note that sometimes people do not consider cleaning the attic and don’t understand its importance. With such ignorance, it is not rare to find holes, cracks, damps, and huge piles and layers of dust and dirt settling on the attic.

And of course, it also serves as the best place for uninvited guests from your house such as rats and mice. While you can consider cleaning the attic on your own but a professional cleaning agency for the attic will provide you with some advantages.

Of course, a budget can be a factor but hiring professionals for and spending a few dollars can be a better option.

What to look at during an attic cleaning?

So now you might have turned over your decision to clean the attic on your own. But while hiring a professional attic cleaning service what should you look for?

Fixing your attic structurally

Hiring a professional team for cleaning the attic means that you can also fix it structurally. There might be holes, cracks, and damps developing on the attic walls and floors. Also, you may find loose floorboards, uprooted nails that need fixing immediately.

Cleaning the dirt effectively

There are layers of dust and dirt that need effective cleaning. While using a vacuum cleaner might seem like the best option but remember that there are stains on the walls and floors too that need specialized cleaning with the use of certain chemicals that only the professionals have.

Replace old insulation

Do you know that you might be paying higher electric bills if you don’t clean your attic properly?

Along with attic cleaning replacing old insulation with a new one will be mightily effective. So when you are considering cleaning the attic then also ask the experts to review the situation and condition of the internal and external insulation of the attic. They might need a replacement to keep the heat or cold outside.

You might not even know that installing proper attic insulation will prevent the air to become internal air from becoming too hot or cold and thus keep the air inside the rooms on the below floors optimum for living as well.

Make your attic space for living

Hiring professionals for cleaning your attic will make your attic clean and make it look more like a living room rather than a dumping place for unwanted household things. Hiring professionals will clean your attic from and this will be also essential to moveout those heavy old wooden or metal furniture and other heavy stuff from the top of the attic.

How to stay safe when cleaning your attic?

If you still considering saving some bucks and do the attic cleaning on your own, there are a few tips that might keep you safe during cleaning the attic.

Accessing the attic

Accessing the attic can be a tough thing. In most homes, the attic is accessible through makeshift ladders and steep stairs.

Look out for danger such as uprooted nails, loose boards

On the attic there could be various dangers such as uprooted nails, loose floorboards, uneven planks, and you can easily step over them or causing prickling, cuts, and other injuries.

Ensure proper lighting

In most homes, the attic does not have a proper lighting connection. So ensure that you take torches or ensure that the lights in your attic still work before entering the attic.

Wear protective equipment

Air quality inside the attic is very poor due to piles of dust and dirt. Ensure to wear gloves, masks, and goggles to keep you safe from the dust, mold, etc.

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