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Food Sources That Attract Mice and Rats to Your House


If you’ve ever dealt with or are currently dealing with a rat or mouse infestation, you’ll know that they’ll munch on anything they get their little hands on. Who would have known that besides their surprising intelligence, these rodents aren’t picky eaters? That explains why there are so many of them around. But what do mice and rats like to eat?

Both rats and mice are omnivores, meaning they’ll eat just about everything. However, certain food sources attract mice and rats more. And, no, cheese isn’t one of them.

That’s precisely what we’ll be covering below. We’ll look at what food rats and mice eat and what else attracts them to your house.

What Do Mice Like to Eat

While mice eat all kinds of food when hungry, especially during rodent season, they generally go for vegetarian options.

Fruit and Berries

There’s no denying that rodents love fruit and berries. Whether they’re fresh off a bush or rotting in your yard, mice will happily feed on them for their whole lives. That’s why you should always pick up any dropped fruit from your yard and keep them stored safely inside your house.


Nuts are the best option alongside fruit and berries when it comes to what mice like to eat. In fact, because of nuts’ high-protein content, compared to fruit’s high-sugar content, mice are more likely to opt for the former, as it’ll keep them full in the long run.


Any plants in your yard or garden, from grass to flowers, will be happily eaten by mice. However, some plants, like rosemary and mint, will keep away rats and mice because of their pungent smell.

Seeds and Grains

When it comes to what mice eat, the answer is usually seeds and grains. These are the easiest to find when they’re in the wild, and once they gather up many of them, they can make for a great meal.

What Do Rats Like to Eat

Despite mice and rats being different, their diets are similar. So, rats will eat everything a mouse will, from berries to nuts and plants. That said, due to the rats’ larger size, they’ll often include meat and high-calorie food in their diet.

Animal Proteins

From red meat to poultry and bacon, rats will feast on them like it’s their Thanksgiving. On top of this, rats like to eat animal products, like animal fat and hot dogs, so keep this stored away from their reach.

Pet Food

Pet food is not that high on rats’ food list, but they’ll not mind grabbing a bite of the canned tuna you serve your cat. The smell of pet food alone will bring a whole bunch of rats around, and the nutrients inside will keep them around for some time.


Snacks are as desirable for rats as they are for humans, whether salty or sweet. While they’re not generally what rats eat in the wild, snacks like chips and chocolate give them a reason to stay around your property.

Food Scraps

Lastly, both mice and rats will scavenge food scraps from your trash bins without hesitation. They can feed on these for a while, so keep your trash bins closed and clean your dirty dishes as soon as possible.

What Attracts Mice

Besides food, mice and rats are attracted by several parts of your house.

  1. Unmowed Lawns: When you leave your lawn untreated, mice won’t only be able to feed on it but also run around without you noticing.
  2. Gardens: When you have a garden, mice will pillage it without remorse for any flowers, seeds, or vegetables.
  3. Bird Feeders: Bird feeders are the best sources of seeds, so mice are big fans of them.

What Attracts Rats

Similarly to mice, rats are attracted by the abovementioned food sources. On top of these, they’ll also be attracted by the following.

  1. Open Trash Cans: The smell of trash cans alone will be enough for rats to show up. Once they have access to them, they’ll barge through them to find any scraps you’ve thrown away.
  2. Pet Bowls: Rats will happily drop by your yard to pick up any leftovers from your cat’s or dog’s pet bowl. And they’ll do it every time they smell that delicious pet food.

What Is a Rat’s Favorite Food

No, it’s not cheese. In fact, bacon or chocolate are much higher on the list of rats’ favorite food. But, the one treat that rats and mice love is peanut butter. That’s why getting rid of them will be much easier when using peanut butter as bait.

We’ll Help You Get Rid of Rodents With Tasty Treats

All rodents love anything with some nutritional value, whether that’s food scraps or a well-done steak. Rats and mice like to eat all kinds of food, from salty snacks to nuts and plants. That’s why getting rid of them can be challenging. That’s where we can help you!

At Green Rodent Restoration, we implement humane ways to get rid of rats and mice. Plus, we’ll help you with any needed attic repairs and ensure you never have to deal with rodents again.

If you’re in sunny SoCal and are dealing with a rat infestation, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate!

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