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How Often Should Rodent Control Be Done?


Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Rodent control – how often should you do it? If you’re dealing with rodents, like rats, mice, squirrels, or even raccoons, rodent removal should be carried out as often as necessary! Hopefully, that means you’ll only have to do it once, although in some areas, it might be a yearly requirement. Preventing infestations, on the other hand, should be an on-gonig process, and it’ll save you from needing to call an exterminator.

So whether you’re trying to protect your home from rodents or they’re a regular issue, this post is for you. We’ll discuss how to stop a rodent infestation, with a comprehensive explanation of what dealing with rodents should entail and whether you should call the professionals.

What Does Rodent Control Involve?

When it comes to professional rodent control services, here’s what you can expect, and the method we largely follow here at Green Rodent Restoration.

Identifying & Assessing

First, professional exterminators will work to identify what kind of rodent is infesting your home, and where their nests are located. They’ll also assess the level of damage caused by the creatures, as well as the reason why your home was vulnerable to infestation.

Trapping & Removal

The next priority is usually to remove the rodents. Depending on the kind of infestation, sometimes it’s possible to do rodent removal and relocation, without killing the animal. In other cases, bylaws forbid animal relocation, in which case, setting up kill traps is the better option.

Usually, trapping can take a few days. A professional will always make sure the infestation is completely cleared before removing the traps.


A professional rodent exterminator always includes prevention as part of the services. This is often done concurrently with trapping, to ensure that the rodents are totally gone and will not come back. The actual prevention methods can vary depending on the type of property and type of infestation, but they often include sealing entry points, advising the client on what they can do, and finally, installing an eco-friendly rodent prevention system with effective repellents.


At Green Rodent Restoration, it’s also part of our service to fix some of the damage caused by rodents. We specialize in decontaminating spaces and restoring attic insulation, but we can also help with other types of restoration. In cases where the damage is extensive, we might recommend hiring a contractor instead.

How to Stop a Rodent Infestation Yourself

Here are the basic rodent control steps most people should take when trying to deal with rodents by themselves.

Start Cleaning

The main things that draw rodents into human spaces are food and water. Cleaning up kitchens, sealing away trash, and securing your food pantry will go a long way towards eliminating a mild infestation. You’ll also want to identify any water sources, like leaks or broken pipes.

Seal Away Entries

Rodents are clever creatures, and they can find their way into your home through any number of entry points. From holes in the foundation to branches that overhang your roof, the ways they can get inside are plentiful. Try to identify and then eliminate whatever weak point is letting them inside.

Trap & Repel

Traps are the most effective rodent control product. Sometimes, getting rid of the rodents’ food sources and entry points is enough, but when it isn’t, both kill and no-kill traps will help you remove the offending creatures.

Another rodent control product to consider is a repellant spray or system that’ll emit noises or scents that’ll drive rodents away, although note that these are less effective than trapping.

How Frequently Should You Practice Rodent Control?

For homeowners, some elements of rodent control should be a life-long practice, to prevent rodent infestations in the first place. That means always being aware of the factors that can make your home or property an attractive environment for rodents, like easy access to shelter, food, and water.

On the other hand, full rodent extermination or removal only needs to happen if you’re dealing with an active infestation. You may need to keep traps up for a few weeks to totally eliminate an infestation, and you may want to be extra proactive during the rodent season after you’ve already cleared an infestation. Other than that, prevention rules!

Should You Call a Rodent Exterminator?

When you have a rodent problem, sometimes you can deal with it by yourself, but other times, calling professional rodent exterminators will save you a lot of time and hassle. Here are the cases when you should definitely hire professionals:

  • Your house gets infested regularly
  • You’re not sure what’s causing the rodent infestation
  • You’re dealing with larger rodents like possums or raccoons
  • The rodents are nesting in an unfinished attic or deep within your walls
  • The rodents have caused significant damage
  • You’ve attempted to deal with the infestation yourself to no avail
  • You just don’t have the time to deal with it yourself

Those are all great reasons to call a professional! At Green Rodent Restoration, identifying, addressing, and preventing rodent infestations is our specialty. We’ll be happy to offer you comprehensive rodent control services. Get in touch with us for a free quote.

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