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How to Identify and Get Rid of Dead Rodent Smell


Finding a rat infestation in your house is always a doozy. But it doesn’t compare to the horrendous smell a dead rodent emanates while it’s decomposing deep inside your walls. So, how can you find dead rodents in your house, and how will you be able to get rid of that horrendous smell?

Identifying a dead rodent is one thing, but locating it only off on its smell is one challenging task. The smell might last for weeks while the carcass is decomposing, and if you don’t get rid of it quickly enough, your house might become a breeding ground for all kinds of diseases.

Thus, we saw it fitting to find out how you can get rid of a dead rat or mouse smell, as well as how you can dispose of their carcasses. Plus, we’ll also help you locate them by listing some of their most common spots.

What Do Dead Rodents Smell Like

Dead rodents have a very… unique smell. Think of it as a natural gas smell, but much funkier. This is a result of the decomposing of their bodies as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) begin escaping their bodies. Thankfully, this smell is only harmful to your nostrils rather than your lungs.

What Does a Dead Mouse Smell Like

Dead mice smell like a mix of rotten eggs or overcooked vegetables. Unfortunately, our first-hand experience has shown that the smell is much, much more pungent than it sounds.

What Does a Dead Rat Smell Like

Dead rats, being bigger in size than mice, smell a lot more. The main scent they emanate is similar to that of dead mice but can be better characterized as the smell of very overcooked cabbage.

While it sounds weird that these smells are similar to a rotting carcass, they all emit the same VOCs. This also explains why, while they’re horrible, they aren’t harmful to us.

How to Locate a Dead Rodent in Your House

Locating a dead rodent can range from being very easy to nearly impossible. If you’re lucky, you’ll find some visual signs that will lead you directly to the carcass. These can be droppings, paw prints, or items that have been gnawed.

But you’ll usually need to use your nose to pinpoint the exact location of a dead rodent. Just follow the smell and look around the area where it’s the most intense.

How to Locate a Dead Mouse in Your House

If you can’t find a dead mouse by its smell or any visual giveaways, you’ll have to look for it in some common hiding areas. Look for tight places, like under the sofa, cupboards, as well as in your closets.

How to Locate a Dead Rat in Your House

Like mice, dead rats will be hard to find without any visual cues. However, due to their larger size, these can often be located in your attic, under your floorboards, and your air ducts or vents.

How Long Does It Take For a Rodent To Decompose

Rodents tend to decompose within a month after they’ve died. That being said, this comes down to the area where they died, as well as the temperature and weather conditions. A rodent will decompose much slower when it’s snowy outside.

How Long Does It Take For a Mouse To Decompose

Mice typically decompose within a couple of weeks. As these are active in the winter, the actual time they take to decompose might be closer to 3 to 4 weeks.

How Long Does It Take For a Rat To Decompose

Rats take longer to decompose than mice, as they’re larger in size. A rat can take 4-6 weeks to fully decompose during the winter, while the process takes closer to 3 weeks in the summertime.

How Long Does a Dead Rodent Smell Last

A dead rodent’s smell can last up to 2 months if it’s not taken care of.

How Long Does a Dead Mouse Smell Last

A dead mouse’s smell will usually last for a couple more weeks after it fully decomposes. If you manage to get rid of it, the smell can go away within a few days.

How Long Does a Dead Rat Smell Last

A dead rat’s smell lingers a little longer than mice and can last for up to 2 months. Again, if you take proper removal measures, it’ll last much shorter than that.

How Can You Get Rid Of a Dead Rodent Smell

Getting rid of a dead rodent smell isn’t that complicated if you’ve done it before. All you have to do is dispose of the carcass safely and then increase the air circulation or even use some deodorizers.

How Can You Get Rid Of a Dead Mouse Smell

To get rid of a dead mouse’s smell, consider removing it from your house. To do so, wear protective gear, as rodents can carry many diseases, and dispose of the carcass using Ziploc bags. Also, don’t forget to spray the area with a bleach solution.

How Can You Get Rid Of a Dead Rat Smell

If you can’t find the dead rat’s carcass, you’ll need to find a way to remove the smell. Vinegar solutions, baking soda, and coffee beans are all great DIY methods to get rid of the smell. Otherwise, you can use commercial deodorizers, which are much more effective.

Get Rid Of Those Musky Smells, the Green Way

Getting rid of a dead rodent smell can be a daunting task, especially if the odor is too pungent. Plus, you might not have access to the carcass, meaning that you’ll have to call up local rodent removal services. That’s where we come in! At Green Rodent Restoration, we’ll get rid of any rodents, dead or alive, that are bothering you the green way. Contact us now for a free estimate!

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