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How to Keep Dust Out and Attic Clean?


Updated: Dec 27, 2022

The attic is one of the most neglected and forgotten parts of your house. For this reason, attic cleaning is a dreaded chore because of the accumulated dirt and clutter.

However, a clean attic must be a priority because a dirty one will attract rodents, bugs,

and other bacteria. When left unattended, molds and mildew also grow there. All of these elements are health hazards for your family. Consider these tips to keep your attic dust free and clean.

1. Get Rid of the Mess

Often, your first instinct when you have unused stuff is to chuck it up in your attic. As a result, you keep filling it up with years worth of clutter. The first step to attic cleaning is to go through your stash. Identify items for throwing, giving, selling, and re-purposing. Remember, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, so might as well make money while you’re cleaning your attic. Be sure to make neat stacks so you can stay organize and in control. Whatever gets left behind must be filed properly.

2. Dusting

For a truly clean attic, you need more than a feather duster or ordinary cloth to take away dust mites. Superior attic cleaning dictates that you use a highly-efficient vacuum cleaner to suck out the surface dirt. Don’t forget to wear a mask, so you don’t

irritate your nasal passages. If there are hard to reach spots, you must use a microfiber

material, which has tiny wedges that are meant to trap dust and dirt. Pay attention to walls and windows, too.

3. Molds & Mildew Inspection

While you’re up there, you must check for molds and mildew. A dark, damp attic is the perfect thriving place for these yucky spores. Cleaning your attic is more than just superficial dusting. You have to look for these bad elements that trigger allergies,

asthma, and other breathing issues. Buy yourself a mold and mildew spray so you can blast this nasty stuff away. Make sure you wear your gloves and mask as a precaution.

4. Decontamination

Proper attic cleaning means decontaminating it from disgusting pest droppings. For starters, make sure that there are no holes. Check for any soiled insulation because you need to get those replaced. After, you must prioritize sealing the holes so these pesky creatures will no longer come back with a vengeance. From there, you have to eradicate all feces and urine. When these are present, you must use a strong disinfectant to kill any traces of germs, bacteria, and fungi. Decontaminating means you also remove foul odors.

5. Cleaning & Sanitation

You must make it a priority to regularly clean and maintain your attic just like the other rooms in your house. Cleaning and sanitizing this big area is not just a one-time endeavor. It becomes harder to face this chore if you only do it once a year. Keep in mind that you must establish a regular attic cleaning routine, so the work doesn’t pile up.

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