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How to Use Steel Wool for Pest Control?


Updated: Apr 11

Whether it’s rodent season or not, everyone’s always looking for DIY ways to keep pests away. With rats and mice being the most common rodents in the US (and the most intelligent ones as well), it’s no wonder that homeowners are out to get them. Or stop them from getting in their house. And that’s where steel wool for mice comes to the front.

Steel wool has been used for DIY rodent control for years. While it won’t get rid of mice, it excels when it comes to preventing them from getting in your house. That’s one less visit for us and one sturdier house for you, considering the sort of damage rodents can cause.

But does steel wool actually stop mice? And, if so, how can you use steel wool to prevent rodents from entering your house? That’s exactly what we’ll talk about in this article!

Does Steel Wool Stop Mice From Entering Your House

Steel wool is a great way to stop mice from entering your house through crevices. However, we’ve noticed that many homeowners cover a few holes in their houses and expect rodents to just go away. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Mice and rats will always try to find a way inside your house. So, you must ensure every single hole is covered with steel wool. Also, simply adding a bunch of it on cracks won’t do the trick, as rodents can easily pull it out or chew a hole through it. That’s where caulking comes into play.

By just mixing some caulking with steel wool, you’ll guarantee that every entry point for mice will be covered tightly. And that’s how you achieve a rodent-free house. But, steel wool for mice has to be of a certain grade to be an effective sealant.

What Is the Best Grade Steel Wool for Rodent Control

Steel wool comes in several grades, ranging from very fine to coarse. For steel wool to be effective in rodent control, it must be of a medium grade or coarser.

However, we’d highly suggest you only opt for medium-grade steel wool, as it’s coarse enough to keep rodents away but not too coarse to injure them. Obviously, if you choose a finer grade, most mice and rats will be able to chew right through it.

With that said, what exactly makes steel wool for rodent control a good option?

Why Does Steel Wool for Mice Keep Them Away

Contrary to what most believe, steel wool for rats isn’t toxic to them. Rodents are just deterred by it because they’ll get cut from its coarse surface when they try to chew it or go through it.

In turn, if you have plugged every crack in your house with a mixture of caulking and steel wool, mice will simply look for a different house to break into.

Where Should You Put Steel Wool for Rats

You should cover every crevice of your house with steel wool. You’ll need to pay special attention to certain entry points, like your garage or areas with pipes and drains, as these are the easiest way for rodents to get in your house.

Also, if you have any exposed copper pipes, you should opt for copper wool since steel wool can corrode them.

Pro Tip: In general, you can use copper wool instead of steel wool for pest control, as the latter can rust. So, copper will work just as well, without any rust.

Can Rodents Chew Through Steel Wool

If the steel wool for mice is too fine, they’ll be able to chew through it. However, if you choose any medium-grade steel wool or coarser, no mouse will chew it.

That said, just to be safe, you should mix the steel wool with some caulking, as this will seal it to the wall, making it impossible for mice and rats to chew through or move it.

Get Professional Rodent Control, The Green Way

Even though it’s not a certified professional rodent control method, there’s no doubt that steel wool can keep mice away. But, you must first ensure that you don’t have any rodents running around your walls because sealing them in would kill them. And you don’t want a dead rat in your walls. If you’re in SoCal, we can help you out!

At Green Rodent Restoration, we’ll not only get rid of any rodents bothering you, but we’ll also ensure that they never come back. And we won’t use any steel wool for this. Contact us now for a free estimate!

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