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Mice Removal in California


Updated: Dec 28, 2022

If tiny rodents have laid claim to your attic or kitchen, it might be time for professional mice removal in California. Green Rodent Restoration specializes in removing mice and other pests for the long term.

Our services include removal, decontamination, and prevention. Not only will you be able to say goodbye to these pesky critters, but you’ll never see the tell-tale signs of the presence ever again.

Why Call Professionals for Mice Removal?

There Are More Mice Than You Think

Mouse infestations can be incredibly tough to deal with. These tiny rodents can enter your home through the tiniest opening. They’ll find their way into your walls and attic, and they’ll eat just about anything they can chew through. Mice reproduce incredibly quickly, so a small family can quickly turn into a massive, destructive horde.

Mice Cause Serious Damage

The damage they can do to your walls or attic can be incredibly expensive, so the sooner you deal with mice, the better. Additionally, their droppings and urine can carry diseases like Hantavirus and Leptospirosis, which can be transmitted to humans.

Mice Removal Process That Goes Above and Beyond

As professionals, our mice removal process is holistic. We will trap the mice, decontaminate your space from droppings and mouse feces, seal entryways, and repair any damage done to your insulation. We have the equipment and skill necessary to deal with mice from start to finish, saving you the time and hassle of an incomplete job. We believe in providing a service that protects your home for the long term.

How to Identify a Mouse Infestation

Not sure if you have a mouse infestation? Here are the tell-tale signs.

  • Noises in the night are often the first signs of a mouse infestation. Mice usually make light scratching noises
  • Mouse excrement can usually be found either in your kitchen or in the areas near where the mice are nesting. Look for tiny, dark droppings shaped like rice grains but significantly smaller. Their feces can carry all sorts of pathogens that can infect humans so do not touch it.
  • Mice will chew through anything, from insulation to food bags to fabric. They do so in search of food, primarily, or to find spaces in which they can nest.
  • Mice, especially in the attic or garage, tend to leave oily tracks. Look for disturbances in the dust along the wall and small footprints.

Mouse Prevention Tips

With all rodents, but especially with mice, it’s easier and more affordable to prevent an infestation in the first place.

  • The best way to keep mice out of your home is by eliminating all of their potential entryways. You can use caulk and steel wool to deal with smaller holes or crevices, while metal sheeting and mesh are excellent for vents.
  • Hygiene is key for making sure mice don’t come to your home in search of food. Clean away all food scraps, keep garbage sealed, and make sure to sweep away all crumbs and food residue.
  • Keep your pantry items in solid containers instead of bags. Mice can chew easily through plastic and paper, but plastic, metal, and glass present an insurmountable challenge.
  • Finally, consider calling us to install our Rodent Prevention System with a 5-year guarantee. We have the expertise to identify the not-so-typical ways rodents may enter your home, so we can give you customized service that’ll keep your property mouse-free for years to come.

Once mice have found their way into your home, getting rid of them is best done by professionals. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your free estimate!

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