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The Importance of Attic Cleaning: Tips to Get it Done!


Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Sadly, the attic is the most overlooked part of a house. Most homeowners often forget about attic cleaning and maintenance because they rarely go up there. Usually, people use the area for storage, only going up there when they need to store some stuff. If you are guilty of neglecting your attic, read on to find why cleaning your attic is vital.

The Role of The Attic

Ironically, this often room that people take for granted holds an important job of regulating your home’s temperature and airflow. It acts as additional insulation against harsh environmental factors. As such, it also holds an important job of improving your home’s energy efficiency. In order to maximize this benefit, you need to prioritize attic cleaning.

Moreover, hot air from the lower floors climb up, so your attic helps circulate the air.

Instead of just a humble storage space, your attic has the power to improve the air quality in your entire house. This place is especially beneficial to keep fumes out

when you cook or crank open your fireplace.

Be Wary of Rodent Infestation

It would help if you incorporated a regular attic cleaning schedule to keep pesky rodents at bay. If you don’t visit your attic, these critters can enter your attic through your roof’s tiny vents slats. Sometimes, tree branches also act as a bridge to your attic so that pests can gain entry using small cracks and openings.

However, if you don’t visit your attic, they become the perfect thriving place for pests. Without proper maintenance, your attic will become dark, dreary, and damp. All these conditions are ripe for an infestation. As such, it is important to regularly check your attic because to scare off these nasty nuisances.

Work Hard To Keep Dust Out

You must perform attic cleaning at least once a week. Clean and sanitize it as you would any other part of the house. If you only do it once a year, the amount of mess and dust accumulation seems too tedious and burdensome. However, when you have a regular schedule, the job won’t be a big chore.

Besides, regular vacuuming and dusting mean you can keep the microscopic arthropods called dust mites at bay. Though these tiny creatures don’t show any markings when they bite you, they can cause skin irritation. Worse of all, they can trigger an allergy attack or an asthma flareup. With your diligence, you can also spot problems like leaks, mold or mildew growth, broken windows, and other issues before they escalate.

Consider Attic Remodeling

You can remodel a clean and safe attic just like a stylish basement. If you spruce up this place and make it look beautiful, you’ll add more living space to your home. With a re-designed attic, you’ll feel more motivated to stick with a regular attic cleaning schedule.

Moreover, having a renovated attic that looks visually-appealing will improve the property value of your home. You can use it as an additional space to hold a bed, so you can accommodate guests when they come. With proper planning and the right design, you can convert your attic into a comfortable space that you and your loved ones can enjoy.

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