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Things Every Homeowner Can Do To Prevent Rodents


Updated: Dec 27, 2022

One of the things every homeowner has in common is a fear of pesky critters. As such, rodent control takes a top priority, or they will infiltrate your house and wreak havoc. Failure to take control can be destructive to your family’s precious belongings. The worst thing is these nasty pests can also be harmful to your health. They bring parasites, germs, and bacteria in their tiny paws. On top of that, their urine and droppings can also spread disease.

Why Do Rodents Enter Homes?

In general, rodents enter your home for survival. First, they look around for food. During wintertime, when resources are scarce, your bustling house is an easy target. They look forward to your food scraps and want access to your pantry. Second, they want to seek shelter, especially when the weather is too cold. Of course, your house is also the safest place to be because it keeps them safe against larger predators. And finally, they look for a warm, cozy breeding ground to raise their spawns. Shudder! See why rodent control matters? If you don’t keep them at bay, they will multiply in your house. Yikes!

Look Closely Where Objects Enter Your Home

One of the first steps to successful rodent control is figuring out how these pests enter your home. Look at the possible ways they can get inside. Are there open pipes they can crawl through? Check for any open windows, especially in your basement. At the same time, you must also check your roof cause sometimes they go through the vents through a tree. Prioritize sealing up these open areas so you can bar them from coming in.

Carefully Examine Your Foundation and Walls For Gaps

Be vigilant about checking your foundation and wall for gaps. Sometimes, all it takes is a tiny crack or gap for a rodent to get inside. For superior rodent control and protection, conduct regular checks and home maintenance. Sometimes, normal wear and tear due to environmental conditions and small ground movement can result in gaps. Do yourself a favor and do a quick inspection so you can seal up any damage to your property.

Check All Door Sweeps and Screens

Even in the wintertime, rodents can get inside your home if your door seals are loose or broken. They can actually squeeze in their bodies under the tiny space in between your door and floorboards. In the same token, make sure all your windows have screens. When you leave the windows open during the warmer days, your screen doesn’t just prevent insects from coming in. They also serve as an added layer of protection to keep rodents outside.

Final Wrap Up

You must be vigilant about rodent control, or your family will pay the price. You won’t be able to sleep well at night when you can hear annoying squeaks and the pitter-patter of tiny feet going around your house. The only living things that should be moving inside your home are you and your family. Rodents most definitely have no place in your life. When you follow these quick, easy steps, you can keep them away.

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