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Types of Rodents in Texas


Few animals are as destructive as rodents. While most would say they’re cute when they see them in their yards, rodents can be a big nuisance when once they find a way to get inside your house. This couldn’t be more true for Texas.

There are several types of rodents in Texas, from rats and mice to squirrels and chipmunks. Some of these, like beavers, are more common in the Lone Star State than elsewhere in the US. Either way, you’ll need to know what kind of rodents you’re dealing with so that you can consult your local rodent control company.

So, today, we’ll take a look at the most common types of rodents in Texas, as well as why you should get rid of them. But before that, let’s find out what animals classify as rodents.

What Are Rodents

While you may notice many animals running around your yard, they don’t all classify as rodents. You see, rodents have some specific features that make them stand out from other pests around your house.

For starters, rodents are mammals, just like us. And they generally have tails and are small in size, while they’re also pretty smart. But, their one distinct feature is their ever-growing pair of teeth.

This is precisely why you’ll find half your attic chewed out after dealing with a rodent infestation. These little nuisances need to keep their teeth sharp, as they are their main defense against predators. And they obviously use these to eat.

What Rodents Can Be Found in Texas

Now that you know how to distinguish rodents from all the other animals that might appear in your backyard (like skunks or raccoons) let’s see which ones are the most common ones in Texas.


Rats are everywhere. Whether you find yourself in the countryside inside the US or you travel to Asia and Europe, you’ll surely locate some type of rat. The most common ones in the US are the Norway and Roof rats.

And these can also be found in Texas. Another infamous type of rat in the Lone Star State is the Kangaroo rat. Even though these are very similar to mice, they’re technically rats and live in the desert since they live underground in burrows.


Speaking of mice, they’re also one type of rodent you can find in Texas. Again, these live all over the US, with the most common ones being House mice. Unlike rats, mice are generally afraid of humans, so they’re easily scared away.

A mouse type that’s very common in Texas is the Deer mouse, which tends to live inside barns and sheds. Besides that, they’re very similar to House mice in terms of size and intelligence.


Who doesn’t like a cute squirrel running around your yard asking for acorns? Well, we’ll agree that they are cute. But they’re still rodents, which means that they can be dangerous for your house and family.

One way to keep them from building nests inside your house is by ensuring they don’t have access to your roof. To do so, cut down any branches that are hanging over your roof and keep them trimmed over time.


Gophers, or pocket gophers as we generally call them, are the reason why your backyard is full of holes. That’s because they create burrows to live in under your yard.

While these are rodents, they can also prove to be beneficial to your garden. Because they store large amounts of food underground, once they decompose, they fertilize the soil.


Voles, or meadow mice, are tiny, hamster-like rodents. Much like gophers, they like to create burrows underground where they build their nests.

Thankfully, voles like to live in open areas, like forests, so you won’t find them hanging around your property any time soon.


Unlike voles, moles will happily create complicated burrows under your entire property. Funnily enough, moles have evolved in a way that every one of their traits is optimized for underground living.

Plus, they are known to munch on grubs and earthworms, which is actually beneficial for your garden.


Small in size but not in mischief, chipmunks are undoubtedly the cutest of all rodents. While these look like squirrels, most agree that they should be distinguished from their big brothers. That said, both rodent types can be found all over Texas.

Are There Beavers in Texas

Beavers can indeed be found in Texas. While you probably won’t see them around your house, you can search for them near lakes and rivers in the northeastern part of Texas.

Rodent Control in Houston Done the Green Way

If you’ve recently had to deal with a rodent infestation, you’ll know how difficult it is to actually get rid of them. Plus, if you don’t adequately clean your attic afterward, who knows what kind of dangers it might hide. That’s why you need to consider some rodent control Houston services. And there’s no better way to do that than the green way!

At Green Rodent Restoration, we pride ourselves in taking care of rodent infestation and ensuring that our customers don’t have to face these again anytime soon. Contact us now for a free estimate!

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