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What Is The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Rats In Your Yard?


Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Rats are every homeowner’s nightmare. From destroying things to transmitting diseases, these tiny creatures can be a significant risk. Once you realize that there are rats in your yard, you should act quickly to eliminate them for good. You should also put measures to ensure the rats don’t invade your compound once more.

Getting rid of rats in your yard isn’t easy. Don’t worry. We went to the trouble of finding the fastest ways to remove the annoying creatures permanently. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

6 Sure Ways to Get Rid of Rats Fast

Discovering the Rats

Rats aren’t easily spotted. However, their droppings can be used to identify them. Identifying their hiding place will help you decide on which method to use.

Mostly, where you spot a rat is not where they reside. So, before using any method to tame rats, do your research well. You can identify the areas simply by using chew cards. Set up bait on a plastic card and examine them to determine which type of rodent you’re dealing with.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Disorganized spaces are comfortable places for rats. One way of keeping your yard organized is by cleaning it often. Rats don’t like open spaces. Getting rid of any junk in your yard helps create an open space making it less likely for rats to build their nests.

Trim the grass in your yard and remove any piled-up cardboard, wood, and any other stacked-up materials that should be in a store or garbage bin. If you have items in your store, ensure that it is fully closed and there are no holes for entry. Rats require only half an inch to enter, so ensure you seal any cracks leading to your yard.

You need to make sure your yard does not contain materials that rats use to make their nests. These materials include cardboard, paper, grass clippings, and bush clippings.

Keep Away Food

Rats often like to dwell in areas with adequate food supply. They enjoy eating fruits, vegetables, or nuts. Confirm often that these are kept off the ground if you have any trees in your yard. If you throw them into a trash can, ensure the can is closed and completely sealed.

If you have pets in your home, don’t leave pet food out for long periods. Also, avoid spreading bird feed all over the ground in your yard. An alternative to this is using bird feeding stations.

Placing Traps

You can place traps all over your yard or hotspot areas. You can use different traps to catch and eliminate rats in your compound. Typical traps include electrical, live, snap or glue traps. There are also traditional traps that are cheaper.

Live traps have motion sensors that close once a rat enters the trap. They are efficient since they keep rats away from your home. Furthermore, they do not injure any harmless animals within your yard.

Capturing live rats can be a lot of work; hence you should use snaps and electrical traps. These traps kill the rats effectively, leaving you with the job of collecting and disposing of them.

Depending on the size of your yard, you need to put in several traps. It would help if you left some traps free in the first period to make the rats interact and get used to them.

Insulate Your Yard

Insulation or rat-proofing your area maintains the inside population and makes it easy to eliminate the rats. This is because no additional rats are coming from the outside. Any cracks on structures in the yard need to be sealed. Storage spaces, too, need to be insulated thoroughly. Furthermore, you could use a rat repellent, especially in tight corners.

Act Quickly

Rats are active during the night. If you spot a rat during the day, it could be an indication of a severe rat invasion in your home. You will have to take action immediately and seek rodent control services. To fasten the process, you could partner with your neighbors to remove the rats entirely.

Call Green Rodent Restoration Today!

Sometimes, controlling the rat population in your yard and home requires some expertise. Our experts at Green Rodent Restoration are ready to help you deal with your rat issues. We specialize in inspection, sanitation, and repair, to ensure your home is free from these annoying creatures.

Contact us today for all your rat and rodent issues so that we can make your home a more habitable place for your family!

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