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What Sort of Damage Do Rodents Cause?


We all know how destructive rodents can be once they find a way inside your house. One day you’re enjoying your favorite series on Netflix, and the other, you’ve got a whole rat family doing the same while relaxing on that armchair nobody ever uses. But what sort of damage do rodents generally cause?

From destroying integral parts of your house’s structure to chewing off half your car’s wiring, rodents can cause tons of damage all over your household. On top of this, these new housemates will often gnaw on your wiring or plumbing, which can be financially devastating and extremely dangerous.

Knowing this, let’s take a closer look at all the damage rats and mice can cause to your house and how a rodent can damage your car.

What Kind of Damage Do Rats and Mice Cause

In general, rodents will wreak havoc to get inside your house, leaving many nasty surprises behind once they’ve gone through your pantry. That being said, rats and mice are well-known for chewing on wires and plastic pipes, as well as your house’s walls and insulation.

Structural Damage

The initial damage rodents cause to your house is structural. Whether they’re trying to make an entry point or gathering materials for their nests, they’ll chew upon old insulation, wood surfaces, and anything they can get their teeth on. Rats might even take a trip to your pantry to grab some napkins, which they’ll use in their new makeshift house.

Admittedly, you’ll need to be dealing with a large number of house rodents for them to cause a dangerous amount of structural damage. However, the repairs required, along with the necessary rodent control, can be devastating to your wallet.

Wiring and Plumbing Damage

If you don’t deal with a rodent infestation quickly enough, rats and mice will happily gnaw on your new wiring and plumbing. Rodents will chew on anything blocking them, whether that’s attic insulation, wires, or plastic pipes.

Even though structural damage won’t be that dangerous, any exposed wiring or holes in plumbing pipes can be life-threatening. More specifically, the short circuits that can occur due to exposed wiring and chewed-out insulation are a recipe for a house fire. And it doesn’t take much for destroyed plumbing pipes to cause a flood.

Car Damage

Everyone talks about what sort of damage rodents cause to houses, but rodent damage to your car is rarely covered. The sad truth is that rats and mice can render your vehicle useless if you don’t employ proper rodent control methods.

Like the damage done in houses, rodents chew up your car’s wires and make nests in the hood or trunk. In a worst-case scenario, they’ll cause severe damage to key car components, like the brakes or steering column.

And, while there are several giveaways to a rat infestation in your house, rodent damage to cars isn’t as evident. So, it’s better to know how to prevent them from damaging your car first.

How to Prevent Rodent Damage to Cars

Unlike standard rodent control methods, preventing rodent damage to cars requires more work. Here are some of the best ways to deter house rodents from turning your car into their vacation home.

  • Park your car in your garage. While rats can pop up inside your garage, your car is much safer there than outside. Unfortunately, garage access isn’t always possible, so you can implement other rodent control methods.
  • Utilize essential oils. Some examples include peppermint and citronella oils. Their pungent smell will keep most rodents away. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to reapply these as often as possible since their scent will fade away.
  • Keep your car moving. Rodents are mainly attracted to stationary vehicles. So, by driving yours often enough, most of these fellas will go for that rundown Mustang opposite your house.
  • Ensure the parking area is clean. The same goes for your car’s cab. Rats love a messy space, so by keeping everything organized and clean, they’ll likely ignore your vehicle.

Keeping all this in mind, let’s find out which rodent causes the most damage.

Which Rodent Causes the Most Damage

Out of the most common rodent species, rats are by far the most destructive. Because of their big size, intelligence, and large populations, along with an undeniable fearlessness, rats are a huge pain to deal with. This, in turn, allows them to roam your house rent-free, causing all sorts of damage.

Protect Your Property With the Best Rodent Control Methods

Having covered what sort of damage rodents cause to houses and cars, it’s fair to say that dealing with them urgently is a must. While the DIY way is a great option in most cases, you should contact a professional when facing consistent problems with rodent infestations. That’s where we come into play!

At Green Rodent Restoration, we’ll employ the best rodent control methods to take care of any rodents bothering you. Call us now for a free estimate, and we’ll make sure you’ll have no more squeaky fellas living rent-free in your attic.

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