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When Is the Best Time to Clean Your Attic?


Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Cleaning the attic is a big project that few people enjoy. It’s extremely important, though, since a dirty attic can be a health risk, and any damage to the insulation can make your house extremely uncomfortable in winter.

That’s why it can be helpful to know when is the best time to clean your attic. There are also certain times of the year when you should actually avoid cleaning your attic – we’ll explain it all in this post!

Why Spring & Autumn Are the Best Seasons for Attic Cleaning

The best time to clean your attic is when the temperature outside is moderate, so during spring or fall.

Attic Spring Cleaning

Most people choose to clean their attic as part of a whole spring cleaning project, and the weather tends to lend itself well to that. It’s a more comfortable time for cleaning since the temperature in the attic will be quite comfortable.

It’s also the perfect time to check if any damage occurred to your attic during winter.

Attic Fall Cleaning

Others might find that the best time to clean their attic is in the fall. This will allow you to check for leaks, pest infestations, and insulation damage before things get really cold in winter.

If you notice any issues, you can repair them and guarantee that your attic will help keep your house warm when temperatures finally drop.

Your attic will be a little colder during the autumn months, but since it’s important to wear protective clothing when cleaning it, it might actually be for the best.

When to Avoid Cleaning Your Attic

If you can help it, avoid cleaning your attic during the harsher seasons like winter and summer, especially if you live in an area where temperatures get extremely high or extremely low.

The role of the attic is to act as a buffer space between the outside world and your home. It helps to control the temperature in your house. As a result of that, the attic tends to reach the same temperatures as outdoors. It can end up being freezing cold in winter and boiling hot in summer.

In the summer, you run the risk of suffering from heatstroke, especially since you will probably need to wear protective clothing while cleaning your attic.

It’s a little easier to dress appropriately for attic cleaning in winter. Yes, it’ll be cold, unpleasant work, but at least you can wear layers that’ll protect you from the cold. Those same layers will also protect you from allergens, contaminants, and insulation materials that might irritate your skin or breathing pathways.

If your house has been unusually cold during winter, it might be worth breaking the rules and checking up on the attic for damage to the insulation .

How Often Should You Clean Your Attic?

The more often you clean your attic, the less time you’ll have to spend cleaning it each season. Ideally, we’d recommend cleaning your attic twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring.

However, even cleaning it once a year will put you ahead of the average homeowner.

If you have reason to suspect that something is wrong with your attic, then it’s best to check in on it right away. Issues like rodent infestations or insulation damage need to be fixed right away, or else you and your family could be at risk.

Professional Attic Cleaning Every Time of Year

Sometimes, it’s best to leave the attic cleaning to the professionals. Sure, you could probably dust your attic and clear away clutter all by yourself, but if you’re busy, even that can be a hassle. In other cases, cleaning your attic by yourself can be downright dangerous.

If your HVAC system has been struggling to keep your house comfortable or you’ve heard the tell-tale noises of roof rats, you may even need a few services, like attic decontamination, rodent control, and insulation replacement.

No matter what condition your attic is in, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a free assessment! We’ll let you know exactly what your attic needs, and ensure it’s in the best shape for the seasons to come.

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