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Why Are Mice Moving into Your House This Fall and Winter?


Updated: Dec 27, 2022

If you have not taken enough mice control strategies to enter your house this fall and winter chances are that you are going to have a new uninvited companion share the house with you. As the winter comes you are prepared with your blankets, sweaters, and warm clothes. But that’s one part only.

If you have not rodent-proofed your house yet this fall and winter you are going to have to take immediate steps for it.

Here we will discuss how you can go about doing just that so don’t worry.

For one thing is that if you don’t know, as the winter approaches the mice and rodents are looking for warm areas to take shelter and they are always looking for areas where they can easily source their daily food from.

And who cannot forget about the hygienic issues that crop up when you are sharing your house, and food with these small creatures. The mice are well known for their itty-bitty wits and stealing your food.

So what’s more important is to ensure that you make the small things right for these miniature creatures.

One thing is for sure that you have to ensure that you look at all the small openings such as cracks, open windows, small holes in doors and walls, and the opening in the vents and pipes that have to be closed first of all.

So let’s discuss some of the mice control strategies.

You haven’t kept up with landscaping chores

By landscaping chores, we mean that you need to clean up that mess and that big pile of fallen leaves.

Some plants shed leaves in winter and the mice are looking for areas underneath the piles of fallen leaves and underneath vegetation where they will find a temporary shelter until they are finding out the perfect strategy to call in an all attack entry into your house.

So what you need to do is get that rubble of leaves at least a few feet away from your house especially the doors and entry gates into your house.

Ensure that the garden is cleaned in all respects. The leaves and the vegetation is trimmed regularly and don’t allow any type of rubble to get deposited near your house.

You haven’t prepared your house for the cool weather

Preparing your house from the cold weather is one of the best ways for mice control is to ensure that you get them repaired as soon as possible.

Especially check out the stripping, cracks, and opened vents and pipes. They are the most favored entry points for mice who are looking to share the thanksgiving dinner with you this fall and winter.

Even if you have repaired them the last time it is due for an inspection. Call in a mason to fix all these cracks, and holes in your walls.

You haven’t rodent-proofed your exterior

When you think of the exterior of your home the first thing that comes to your mind is to seal all the plumbing pipes and openings in walls for letting cable wires in.

You know that the mice are curiously naughty and even a small opening of a few centimeters is enough for them to gush into your house.

So as far as the mice control strategies are concerned you need to fix in all opened vets, pipes and of course don’t forget to check in on the sewage pipes. Rodents and moles have one big favored point of entry into your house and that is through sewage pipes.

You haven’t made your home inhospitable to rodents

So what can you do to make your house and interiors inhospitable to rodents and mice? You must have used this mice control strategy.

And is to use natural repellants such as scents. You can take the help of technology such as ultrasound emitting gadgets that will prevent the mice from entering your house.

You can also use cage traps and mice trap to prevent mice invasion into your house. Place them in strategic points such as near the basement, attic, and near the openings of pipes and vents in your house.

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