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Why You Should Never Remove Attic Insulation on Your Own


Updated: Mar 21, 2022

A rodent infestation can cause damage to your insulation. Many people consider taking out the insulation on their own as a way to reduce the infestation. Insulation can also be destroyed by water leaks from the roof, causing mold and mildew to develop. In either situation, you should avoid removing the insulation on your own because it exposes you to many risks.

Toxic Materials Present in Older Insulation

Depending on the material, insulation may contain toxic substances that are harmful to humans. Insulation material used up to the 1970s contained asbestos which is very dangerous when inhaled. Usually, insulation containing asbestos releases asbestos fiber when damaged, which is quickly drawn into the lungs.

It is messy

Attic insulation removal is a messy job to do. It is worse if you have no skill in the job. In the case of fiberglass, the insulation decays and starts corroding. This will make the area dusty and unbearable to work in. Such conditions make it difficult for attic insulation removal.

Presence of mold

Mold is as dangerous as asbestos. It is caused by water from pipe or roof leaks. Once the insulation is wet, mold starts to form—mold forms in most types of insulation material.

Mold has a lot of health effects. Mold exposure can cause one to be allergic to mold. After getting the allergy, exposure to even a tiny bit can cause severe reactions to your body. Some effects of mold include asthma, breathing difficulty, itchy eyes, and sore throat. Touching mold or inhaling its spores can cause infections in humans. Hence it is best to avoid attic insulation removal at all costs.

Should you hire professionals for insulation removal? Advice from professionals

Attic insulation removal professionals have done these for a long time. With the knowledge and experience, they advise homeowners on what to do in different scenarios. timely checkouts to find the right solutions to tackle every situation.For example, they may advise you on tips on how to make your attic insulation last long. Doing the attic insulation removal without assistance may cause you to miss out on critical factors concerning insulation removal.

Time consumption

Most homeowners realize they are in trouble immediately after working on attic insulation removal. They find out that it is not as easy as they thought it would be. Either the insulation is degraded, destroyed, or has mold. Eventually, you hit a deadlock and end up consuming a lot of time trying to control the damage.

Seeking professionals for this job is the best solution to save time because they bring their years of experience. They are fast and efficient in doing the job. Often tasks that can take you days are completed in hours. When considering attic insulation removal, you should also consider the time factor.

Gear and equipment

Attic insulation removal requires protective gear and tools to do it correctly. For a homeowner getting all the required equipment may be difficult and expensive. Furthermore, they don’t know all the correct chemicals to use to avoid infectious diseases.

Professional attic insulation removal employees know all they require to replace attic insulation. Also, they know all the chemicals that might be used to kill germs and sanitize the area.


Attic insulation removal is dangerous when you decide to do it yourself. Without the required skills to do the task, you may end up destroying your home or getting sick. It is right to seek professional services to avoid risking your health.

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